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Custom designed fashion eyewear!

These will be designed to your specifications, any design you want! Shape and engraving both included.

PLEASE note that these are not prescription or UV protective so do not wear these as sunglasses! They are just made to look cool and fashionable!

Your pair will be 1/1, which means I will never sell the design to anyone else, you will be the only owner of your design. (Please note that the CONCEPT can be recreated, example: if you want a bird shaped pair, the specific art will not be resold but if someone else wants a bird shaped pair they will also get a bird, just a different drawing). 

Please include your email when ordering and I will reach out to you to discuss your ideas, or you can email me at with your ideas! I will send a sketch to see if you like the design, OR if you want it to be a surprise then include that in your email.

There are also multiple colors to choose from:






-Mint green

-Very light blue

and more, if theres a specific color you want I can try my best to match it

Please allow me 2 weeks for production as I have to make the whole new design and then construct them. It will take me about a week for the sketch concept, and if you want changes it might take a few days longer.

Photos are examples of some designs I can do! 


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